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Data Ingest & Archiving

Data Ingest & Archiving

Data Ingest

The RDC-DZHW collects quantitative and qualitative data from the research field of higher education research and science studies and makes them available to researchers and teaching staff for secondary use. The services of the RDC in the scope of data ingest include:

  • Consultation on data documentation (documentation guidelines)
  • Consultation on data anonymisation
  • Support with other content-related, legal, technical or further questions on data ingest
  • Allocation of digital object identifiers (DOI)
  • Consultation on and collection of metadata relating to the research data
  • Input of the metadata into the RDC search portal and guaranteed visibility in comprehensive portals (e.g. da|ra of Gesis)
  • Advertising of the data at conferences and summer schools, method workshops with data of the RDC-DZHW

Long-term Archiving

The RDC-DZHW receives permanent funding and is therefore able to archive and provide your data persistently for secondary use. The company agreement of the DZHW constitutes archiving, documentation and long-term storage of scientific data for secondary use as one of the fundamental purposes of the institution.

  • Guaranteed long-term preservation and usability of the data (exceeding the 10 years specified by the DFG in their Guidelines on the Handling of Research Data)
  • Periodical migration of the data in (more) recent data formats
  • Storage of the data in a professional IT infrastructure with backup copies
  • Persistent identification of the data through allocation of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
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