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Data Research

Data Research

Search Portal for available data

  • Elaborate and comfortable search and research system for available data of the RDC-DZHW
  • Search requests for metadata
  • Search requests for different documentation material
  • Overviews on univariate frequency distributions and statistical values, which are available for download without concluding a data use agreement

By means of the search portal, data users can already decide if the data is suitable for their research or teaching project before having access to the data.

Contact us!

In addition to the possibility of acquiring information via the search portal, the RDC-DZHW offers individual support for data users. For help with questions on available data or on the suitability of specific data for your own research question, please contact the staff of the RDC-DZHW via .

Since the RDC is part of the DZHW, it is possible to integrate the DZHWs expertise regarding the area of higher education research and science studies into the user support.
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