Data Ingest

The Research Data Centre of the DZHW collects quantitative and qualitative data from the field of higher education research and science studies, archives them and, if possible, makes them available to scientists and teaching staff for secondary use. The company agreement of the DZHW (German) declares the archiving, documentation and long-term storage of scientific data for secondary use as one of the fundamental purposes of the institution.

The FDZ-DZHW is a partner in the German Network of Educational Research Data (VerbundFDB). The VerbundFDB is an association of research data centres that are united by the goal of establishing and expanding research data services for educational research. Within the distributed archiving infrastructure of the VerbundFDB, the FDZ-DZHW is responsible for archiving data from the research field of higer education research and science studies.

Data Ingest

The services provided by the FDZ-DZHW in the context of data ingest include:

  • curation of quantitative and qualitative data from the research field
  • consultation on data protection, data preparation and documentation
  • assingment of digital object identifiers (DOI)
  • promotion of the data
  • provision of the data for secondary use
  • user support


The FDZ-DZHW is financed on a long-term basis and can therefore permanently archive your data as a reliable archive and make it available for secondary use.

  • storage of the data in a professional IT infrastructure with backup copies
  • persistent identification of the data through assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)

The ideal process


Illustration: Schritte der Datenaufnahme (Kontakt, Vertrag, Durchführung fehlender Schritte, Übergabe)


The process of data ingest into the FDZ-DZHW requires several steps in order to finally make the research data available for secondary use:

  1. Please contact us (e-mail to datadeposit [oat] dzhw [ttot] eu or by phone: +49 511 450670-402). In the course of this first contact we collect the basic data of the study in question, in particular:
    • key aspects of the study
    • the data collection methods and the type of data (qualitative and quantitative methods and data, e.g. quantitative data sets from surveys, interview transcripts)
    • duration and current status of the study (e.g. proposal planning, ongoing or completed survey Project)
    • contact details of a contact person for the further course
  2. Based on the data collected, we first check whether the study belongs to the field of higher education and scientific research and thus fits into our portfolio. If this examination is negative and consultation with us does not change the result, you have the possibility of lodging a complaint with the RatSWD.
  3. Once your study has been assigned to the research area, we will check whether informed consent(s) or other legal conditions prevent the data from being ingested. If the data collection has not yet taken place, we will advise you on the design of the informed consent so that secondary use of the data is possible.
  4. In a longer consultation, we get more familiar with the details of your study and answer your questions in detail. During the consultation, we will advise you initially on data processing, in particular on the anonymisation of the data that is usually necessary and carried out through the research project, as well as the documentation materials that you should have handed in together with the data. The primary goal of a data collection is that later data users will be able to understand and use the data based on the documentation.
  5. Please submit a data ingest request (please register/ log in to submit a data acquisition application). Please click on data ingest > data acquisition application. After examination of the application, you conclude a data transfer agreement with us.
  6. After conclusion of the contract, we will continue to advise you on the specific data processing and documentation steps required(e.g. implementation of the anonymisation).
  7. After completion of the necessary preliminary work, we will take over the data of your study, assign a Data Object Identifier (DOI), register it with da|ra and include it in our search portal. They thus become part of the FDZ-DZHW database.

Talk to us!

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to supporting you with all your questions.

Daniel Buck Portrait

Daniel Buck
Leitung FDZ-DZHW / Datenaufname | Head of the FDZ-DZHW / Data Ingest

+49 511 450670-417

Bild von Andreas Daniel

Dr. Andreas Daniel
stellv. Leitung FDZ-DZHW / Datenaufnahme | Deputy Head FDZ-DZHW / Data Ingest

+49 511 450670-402


Your contacts at the FDZ-DZHW are the first point of contact for you in case of problems with the submission of data to the FDZ-DZHW. If you are unable to understand why problems cannot be solved together and would like to clarify this with an independent authority, you can contact the complaints office of the German Data Forum (RatSWD). A contact form gives you the opportunity to address unresolved issues to the RatSWD. The contact form, as well as details on jurisdiction and procedures, can be found on the RatSWD website.